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Business Units : Consultancy Solutions

Vision Technologies LLC has an in-house team of highly qualified and experienced Engineers & Designers who can undertake high level and detailed design of IT & Telecom Networks. Many customer organizations do not have IT & Telecom teams in-house and look for outsourcing such engineering services.

We provide consultancy services to various customers for:

Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)
High Level Design and Conceptualization
Detailed Design
Review of Detailed Designs submitted by sub-contractors
Providing Site Services for Audits and Reviews of installations done
Providing Site Services for Supervision of work done by sub-contractors
Providing dedicated staff who can be stationed at customer premises for longer durations for conducting reviews of large scale project designs.
Providing support staff who can accompany customers to their end customers for presenting project designs and answering any end–customer/their consultant’s questions.